It's a cold, crisp, Christmas Day, the fields are white with freshly fallen snow,
The children are impatiently enduring the drive to the farm,
Anticipating the aromas wafting through the Big House,
of pumpkin pies, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes and gravy...
As they wind up the long driveway to the big, white two-story farmhouse,
they see the smoke from the chimney curling into the winter air,
Grandma's in the kitchen basting the browned, juicy turkey,
Grandpa's standing in the parlor window watching anxiously for family to arrive.
At last, everyone hastily climbs out of the car and races up to the house,
the door flies open....... the warmth of the Big House engulfs us,
the beautiful, bright Christmas Tree in all its splendor stands tall and majestic.....

This truly is Heaven on Earth!!