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Dedicated breeders of Colored Morgan Sporthorses, Labrador Retrievers & Rare Tennessee Fainting Goats

Morgan Hill Farm is located in the Lake Champlain Island Region of Vermont, on the small Island of North Hero. We are a 73 acre farm that has specialized in raising quality Old Style Morgan horses with a splash of color, for 38+ years! We have incorporated some rare and hard to find, old Govt'/Brunk lines. We discovered years ago, that these lines produced Morgan horses that have breed type, bone, sound minds, correct legs, hooves and great work ethics. They are what the breed is supposed to be! Most of the stock we have left, have “No Modern Day Outcrosses"  Some of the old lines we have are: Fleetfield, Jubilee King, Flyhawk, Senator Graham, Rimlo Black Pepper, Robbins Cotton Queen, Nightwatch, Jubilee's Hey-Boy, Red Correll, Black Jig, Cute, Chingadero, Muchacha, Ebony Baron, Major Cotton, Homeseeker, Ketchum, Tutor, Warhawk, Secora, Speedking, Parka, Chief Justin Morgan, Miller's Pride, Sabra, Shine On, Mallow, etc. 

These are lines that have been listed as "Endangered" thru The Livestock Conservancy .

Years ago we saw the writing on the wall and took the necessary steps to try and save the old genetics by freezing our stallions semen. Because of this, we have a rare supply of Frozen Semen to return to and keep these old genetics going! None of this semen is qualified to leave the USA.

AKC Labrador Retrievers

We have been raising English type, AKC Labrador Retrievers for more than 25 years. Our dogs help out on the farm, have competed in agility trials, done some scent work, ride around the farm on our equipment and beg for the front seat of the Prowler or truck! Their favorite past time is sitting on the deck with us enjoying the sunset and getting their much craved "People Time". We produce one or two, quality litters per year. If you have interest in one of these puppies, you will need to get on our waitlist. The puppies we keep, become our older dogs. These older dogs, are family and they have earned the right to stay with us until God calls them home. We take great pride in producing healthy, happy puppies who become wonderful family members. These pups have the ability for hunting, agility, scenting, obedience, couch lounging, car, truck or boat rides, etc. These pups are sold with a 1 yr. Health Warranty, Sale contract with a spay/neuter clause, 1st shots, health records, vet check, regular worming, (from 2 weeks of age), copies of their parents clearances/genetic testing and an AKC Limited registration (No Breeding).

Pups available in 2024. Please email & get on our wait list!!

Myotonic/Fainting Goats

Our Herd is Free of CAE, CL & Johnnes - testing thru Cornell University
Our herd, is the only Export Certified”  herd of Myotonics in the world! The road has been long since our 1st application into the Federal Export Scrapie Program but, we have prevailed. Our Vermont-bred and raised goats can now be shared with Qualifying Countries outside of the USA! (This includes does & bucks into Canada)

Our goats come in an array of colors and sizes. Most of the herd, carries multiple Championship bloodlines and, that quality shines through. The majority of the herd is short haired. Some display skirting or feathering and all, are either polled or disbudded. They live outside 24/7 with housing that they can go into whenever they want. All our goats are vaccinated & wormed when needed. This is a very hardy Northeastern bred herd.

2024 KIDS
Our 2024 kid crop should start arriving in late June into July. Most will be for sale and can go home when they are 8 wks. of age unless, they are sold with their dam. The kids come in an array of colors including, blue eyes & fancy moon spots!

We are offering bred does and our buck, Champion for sale. Group pricing available - if more than 4 goats are purchased. All goats leaving Vermont, must have health papers, at the buyers expense. Verification of the paid vet bill is required before any animals leave our farm.

Offered Services:
The farm offers Morgan Horses, Tennessee Fainting Goats, AKC Labrador Retriever puppies (Yellow, Black & Chocolate). Other services offered: An Equine Mobile Semen Freezing Service. We no longer offer frozen storage. Freezing service is open to all Equine breeds. Call or email for more information.

If you are going to be in the area, give us a call or send us an
We will be happy to show you around and introduce you to the animals

This site is dedicated to the Fond memory of my friend and Mentor, Dr. Lowell Hughes.
(April 4, 1928- Nov. 5, 2001)

Dr. Hughes with his wonderful stallion, Patchett Hill (Easter Vermont x Starlette B)
Dr. Hughes was the founder of Caduceus Morgans in North Liberty, Iowa. He was known for producing large Black Morgan Sporthorses of Mid-western and Brunk breeding. He had a knack for finding well bred horses that were tucked away on lost roads and in forgotten barns.

His favorite stallion being the late, Wyoming Flyhawk (Domino Joe x Lily Black), actually stood at Reed Allen's Ranch in Lander Wy. along with my deceased foundation stallion, H-Ken (Kenfield x Muchacha). I guess it was written, even back then, that I would eventually meet Dr. Hughes. Our taste in horseflesh were quite similar.

Dr. Hughes was a very kind and generous man who was always willing to take a new comer under his wing. This is what he did for me. I miss my friend and mentor. Words can never describe how I feel or tell the depth of my loss. I will take both the knowledge he  gave, and the horses he produced and carry on into an uncertain future marked by his footsteps. God Bless until we meet again.............


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