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Fainting Goats

*Our herd is CAE, Johnnes and CL free.* All our original Goats were tested thru Cornell University, to make sure our base herd was “Clear”. Our herd was then “Closed” and entered into the “Export Scrapie program”. To date, we have the ONLY “Export Certified” herd in both the Myotonic breed and World! On a yearly basis, we still randomly check a goat or two. Any new bucks that join our herd, are quarantined for 6 months and tested at least twice, with negative results, before being allowed into the herd.

If you are looking for Myotonic goats and you are outside of the USA, you can purchase from us if, your country's Import laws will allow.  We have successfully, Exported 5 groups of does & bucks into Canada and are ready to export outside of the North American Continent! It’s not as hard as you might think!

What is a Fainting Goat?
(Description from the International Fainting Association)
Their origin has been sought after by a number of people but it only traces back to the early 1800's when a farm worker appeared in Marshall County, Tennessee, with three does and a buck that fainted. It was thought by his dress that he might have come from Nova Scotia. He was a quiet man and wouldn't talk to anyone so whatever he knew will remain a secret forever. He eventually parted from Marshall County but before he did he sold his goats to Dr. H. Mayberry. Fortunately Dr. Mayberry propagated them and tried his best to research their history. He could find no evidence of such a breed anywhere else in the world. He was convinced they were a breed because their unique traits are hereditary.

What is Myotonia?
Myotonia is the condition that causes Fainting goats to stiffen and/or fall over when startled. This condition is caused by a combination of recessive genes. Fainting goats can show varying degrees of myotonia. When startled some will fall to the ground with their entire bodies perfectly stiff and rigid. Others will only stiffen in their limbs and not fall to the ground. The condition lasts for ten to fifteen seconds after which time the animal will rise and walk off stiff, still showing a noticeable degree of stiffness in their back limbs. After a short time this stiffness will disappear and they will walk and act like any other goat. This condition only affects their external muscles so while in a myotonic state the animal is fully conscious and aware of its surroundings. In no way does this condition affect their life span and with proper care they will live just as long as any other breed of goat.

Sherry holding Bobbi & Snowflake - Our first Fainters

Bobbi & Snowflake heading home



Goat Flower Farm Champion ISL
(Goat Flower Farm Outlander x Goat Flower Farm Queen Annes Lace)
Creme & White w/Moon spots -Buck- Amber eyes
Born: Feb, 19, 2021 – Disbudded

Champ has just joined our herd as a future Buck. He is a beautiful buck with a stunning crème/palomino coloring on top of white. He does have a few moon spots and stunning amber eyes. We are watching him grow and are hoping he matures into a stunning buck!


Fellenbaum Farm Alvin ISL
(Goat Flower Farm Herb x Fellenbaum Farm Saffron)
Tri-Color w/Moon spots -Buck- Blue eyes
Born: March 13, 2021 – Disbudded

We welcome another buck prospect who we are calling Alvin. Alvin is a beautiful Tri-color boy who’s myotonic gene is always in high gear! Poor Alvin falls over at the slightest movement from a person, another goat & even a bird flying overhead! He does LOVE to talk - hence, his name of Alvin, after Alvin of the Chipmunks! Needless to say, he is a joy to be around!

We are watching Alvin grow and have high hopes for some fancy kids in the distance future.

 Reference Sires:

Woody Creek Farm HotWire DKM
(Woody Creek Farm Well's Hotrod DKM x Woody Creek Farm Rose Anna DKM)
Red & White - Buck - Brown Eyes
Born: Nov. 29, 2008 - Disbudded

(MGR Registered)
Deceased Dec. 10, 2016



Island DJ ISL
(WCF Hotwire x Hillbilly Fainters Chesney)
Tan & White - Buck - Polled - Amber Eyes
Born: April 18, 2012

Deceased: Feb. 10, 2021


Goat Flower Farm Rambo ISL
(Hillside Acres Blaze x Goat Flower Farm Peanut)
Tan w/dark highlights -Buck- Amber eyes
Born: Feb, 18, 2018 - Disbudded

Goat Flower Farm Rambo is our Head Breeding Buck. "Bo" has a lovely neck set and an extremely pretty head with a large eye. He is show ring correct with straight legs, excellent bone and ton of muscling. He is extremely friendly and always in your face. He produces Moon spotted offspring that are very people oriented and correct. We have retained a few of his daughters.

Rambo’s 2021 kid crop has arrived! Check them out on the kid page.



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