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Fainting Goats

Our first two Fainting goats - Island Bobbi Socks & Island Snowflake – arrived here in August 2008. They were 12 weeks of age and were just the cutest little girls you ever laid eyes on! Early in 2009, two more doelings arrived – Full Moon Farm Island Furbie & Full Moon Farm Island Fizzle. As of the fall of 2018, all 4 of these beautiful does are deceased. They have left their mark on our herd and live on through their aging daughters and grandkids……………….

Oct. 2010 rolled in, and with it, a new herd sire, Woody Creek Farm Hotwire - a very handsome, well-mannered son of National Champion, Woody Creek Farm Well's Hotrod. Arriving with Hotwire, were the two does: Woody Creek Farm O’Bonnie & Hillbilly Fainters Chesney. All three of these goats are now deceased. Hotwire lives on through his numerous daughters and his breeding son, Island DJ. DJ and his full sister, Island Leza are both out of, Hillbilly Fainters Chesney. Today, our herd count ranges between 30+/- goats.

*Our herd is CAE, Johnnes and CL free.* We tested all our original Goats every 6 months thru Cornell University to make sure our base herd was “Clear”. Our herd has been closed for more than 8 years. On a yearly basis, we randomly check a goat or two.

What is a Fainting Goat?

(Description from the International Fainting Association)
Their origin has been sought after by a number of people but it only traces back to the early 1800's when a farm worker appeared in Marshall County, Tennessee, with three does and a buck that fainted. It was thought by his dress that he might have come from Nova Scotia. He was a quiet man and wouldn't talk to anyone so whatever he knew will remain a secret forever. He eventually parted from Marshall County but before he did he sold his goats to Dr. H. Mayberry. Fortunately Dr. Mayberry propagated them and tried his best to research their history. He could find no evidence of such a breed anywhere else in the world. He was convinced they were a breed because their unique traits are hereditary.

What is Myotonia?

Myotonia is the condition that causes Fainting goats to stiffen and/or fall over when startled. This condition is caused by a combination of recessive genes. Fainting goats can show varying degrees of myotonia. When startled some will fall to the ground with their entire bodies perfectly stiff and rigid. Others will only stiffen in their limbs and not fall to the ground. The condition lasts for ten to fifteen seconds after which time the animal will rise and walk off stiff, still showing a noticeable degree of stiffness in their back limbs. After a short time this stiffness will disappear and they will walk and act like any other goat. This condition only affects their external muscles so while in a myotonic state the animal is fully conscious and aware of its surroundings. In no way does this condition affect their life span and with proper care they will live just as long as any other breed of goat.

"Summer of 2019 - Our herd will move from its " MONITORED STATUS" to "CERTIFIED" in the Export Scrapie Program!"

If you are looking for Myotonic goats and you are outside of the USA, you WILL be able to purchase from us if, your country's Import laws will allow. Because we are beyond our 5th yr. of "Monitored Status", Canadian customers can purchase our does and/or bucks!! 2018 & 2019 we easily, & successfully, Exported 3 groups of does & bucks into Canada. It’s not as hard as you might think!

Sale Goats

We are reducing our herd of Tennessee Fainting goats. Our work load has become too great and we are tired! We offer a discount on 3 or more goats. If anyone is looking for a starter herd or possibly, is interested in the Herd as a whole, just ask! Health papers must be obtained for any goat leaving the State of Vermont and transport can be arranged. If any goat goes to Canada, there is a 30 day window for the testing, health papers and the border crossing. If you have questions, please call or email us.


Sherry holding Bobbi & Snowflake - Our first Fainters

Bobbi & Snowflake heading home



Island Snowflake
(Driftwood Farms Twister x Driftwood Farms Jackie)
White/w Tan doe - 1 of 3 kids
Born: June 7, 2008 - Horned

(MGR & IFGA registered)
Deceased March 17, 2018

Snowflake was a joy to own! I saw her for the first time when she was just a day old. I immediately fell in love. Snower was a stocky doe with good bone and, she was an excellent Fainter. She'd go down so fast it would your head spin! She had a long cashmere coat in the winter and skirting in the summer. She was super friendly with excellent temperament, which she passed on to her kids. We have several of her daughters and grandaughters.



Island Bobbi Socks
(Driftwood Farms Twister x Driftwood Farms Jackie)
Red & White Doe - 1 of 3 kids
Born: June 7, 2008 - Horned

(MGR & IFGA Registered)
Deceased November 2, 2018

Bobbi is another love, just like her litter mate sister, Island Snowflake. Bobbi is always the first to greet you in the morning. Her deep little "feed me" call echo's around the farm until breakfast arrives. This fancy girl may not be tall but, she is stout as they come. She is an excellent fainter and goes down almost daily at feeding time! Bobbi has a long cashmere coat in the winter and skirting in the summer.

Full Moon Farm Island Fizzle
(7 Fainting Acres Magnum x Full Moon Farm Maria)
Black & White Doe with Blue Marbled eyes
Born: Jan. 31, 2009 - Polled
Pedigree (MGR Registered)
Deceased November 2, 2018

There is ALWAYS at least one clown on everyone's farm. Fizzle is our clown! If there's something new, she has to be the first to inspect it. If it's scary looking and loud, she'll stamp her dainty little foot, snort loudly, puff up her checks and then make the most funny noises while expelling the air! If there's trouble on the hoof or mystery in the air, you can bet Fizzle is behind it. We truly believe she was a lock picking thief in another lifetime. Anyhow, if you can't tell, she is a character and the exact opposite of her 1/2 sister Furbie. Fizzle is a proud girl with a stout build. The older she gets, the more pleasing to the eye. Yes, she has a torn ear from a monstrous Scrapie tag but, it only adds to her character. Gosh, how we love this girl!


Full Moon Farm Island Furbie
(7 Fainting Acres Magnum x Full Moon Farm Whisper)
Black & White Doe
Born: Dec. 20, 2008 - Polled
Pedigree (MGR & IFGA Registered)
Deceased November 2, 2018

"Look! The dog Fainted!"

Furbie, really lives up to her name. She is so sweet and cuddly and just LOVES, attention from anyone. She greets everyone with her soft little voice and then looks for a shoulder scratch and a hug. Furbie is 1/2 sister to Fizzle. We have retained several of Furbie's daughters & Granddaughters. They are stunning and excellent producers.


Hillbilly Fainters Chesney DKM
(ET3 Shadow Man ET3 x Hillbilly Fainters Polly HBF)
Black/White doe - 1 of 2 kids
Born: Jan. 20, 2010 - Polled

Pedigree (MGR registered)
Deceased November 2, 2018

Chesney made the trip from Tennessee (Woody Creek Farm) with Bonnie & Hotwire in the fall of 2010. She is a very fancy doe with wonderful size and width. Chesney is very Myotonic and we have a hard time getting her outside! There is no way you can rush her! This doe's kids are so nice, we have retained her first son, Island DJ as a future herd sire and her 2015 daughter (full sibling to DJ) Island Leza.


Woody Creek Farm Rosetta DKM
(Woody Creek Farm Maverick DKM x Woody Creek Farm Rose DKM)
Black/White doe - Born: Jan. 12, 2009 - Polled

Pedigree (MGR registered)

Rosetta made the trip from Woody Creek Farms (located in Marshall County TN) to Vermont in June 2011.  She is a quality doe who has already produced a few kids and has a small show record. We have several of this  does daughters - some are for sale.

Kidded May 19, 2019! 2 does & 1 buckling by Island DJ ISL –



Woody Creek Farm HotWire DKM
(Woody Creek Farm Well's Hotrod DKM x Woody Creek Farm Rose Anna DKM)
Red & White - Buck - Brown Eyes
Born: Nov. 29, 2008 - Disbudded - 165 pds.

(MGR Registered)
Deceased Dec. 10, 2016

Hotwire, our herdsire. He arrived in Vermont in the Fall of 2010 all the way from Marshal County TN; where the Fainting Goat originated from.  We are very pleased with his 'meaty' build and size. His disposition is gold and he greets us every morning with his low little welcome. He has adjusted to the Vermont weather and grows a very thick winter coat! His sire, Woody Creek Farm Well's Hotrod is a National Show Champion. We have retained numerous daughters and a breeding son, Island DJ  to continue on with. To date, some of Hotwire's daughters, granddaughters and great granddaughters are for sale. If you have interest in one of his offspring, contact us! It will be your last chance since he has crossed the Rainbow Bridge.



Island DJ ISL
(WCF Hotwire x Hillbilly Fainters Chesney)
Tan & White - Buck - Polled - Amber Eyes
Born: April 18, 2012


DJ is a son of our late, Woody Creek Farm Hotwire. Hotwire was our 1st herd sire. DJ is very friendly and his conformation/bone are wonderful. To date, we have bred him lightly due to his close relation to our does. We have retained a few of his daughters and his full sister Island Leza. Currently, we have reached a point where we can use DJ on numerous does. If you have interest in kids or does that are bred to DJ, please contact us.

Kids due in August 2019! Or choose a pregnant doe!



Goat Flower Farm Rambo ISL
(Hillside Acres Blaze x Goat Flower Farm Peanut)
Tan w/dark highlights -Buck- Amber eyes
Born: Feb, 18, 2018 - Disbudded

We have chosen another buck prospect from Goat Flower Farm! We are call him Rambo. "Bo" has a lovely neck set and an extremely pretty head with a large eye. He is show ring correct with straight legs, excellent bone and ton of muscling. He is extremely friendly and always in your face. There is a chance that he could produce Moonspotted offspring but, that isn't why we chose him as a buck prospect. It's his breed type and build!! Check back for updates on this upcoming buck
who loves to smile!

Rambo's 1st kids should start arriving in August 2019!! They will be for sale!
Does due to kid by Rambo are offered FOR SALE!!


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