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Uno (black) and Mother Oats sitting - Harley at 6 mos laying down

  AKC Labrador Retrievers
(English Lines)

AKC Labrador Retrievers came back into my life on a warm Easter Sunday in 1998. On this fateful day, I decided to give a lonely little yellow lab pup a two week trial. Twelve and a half years later, God called her home.The pain is real and the hole is deep but, this is Oat's story and her extended family will live on..............

SC Back Porch Oatmeal

(Back Porch Rascal x Backporch Renaisance Cricket)
Feb. 14, 1998 - Oct. 19, 2010
(Gone but, not forgotten)

Eyes cleared Annually

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Oats was not only my buddy, she was mother & grandmother to all our dogs. She was my second hand when it came to farm work. I couldn't do my farm chores without her! She passed all her displaysia tests, was certified "Good" and had her eyes "Cleared" annually. This wonderful yellow female weighed in at a hefty 55 lbs and had a small solid build. Oats had wonderful retrieving skills, targeted birds on the ground/air, loved the water, a lively mouse hunt and herded my young weanling horses and goats into the barn when needed. Bring out a gun, and she was ready to find the vermin! Oats produced her last litter - sired by the late, Mistyfield March To The Beat - on: April 18, 2005.

There were 7 puppies: 4 boys and 3 girls. She LOVED being a mom! Thank you Oats for giving your all and leaving us with the most wonderful memories.

Until we meet again..........................


Island Uno
(Blackdux Trapper For Me x S.C.Back Porch Oatmeal)
April 19, 2003 - Dec. 31, 2013

(Gone but, not forgotten)

 OFA Hips - Excellent - Elbows - Normal
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Uno, ready to go!                                Uno at rest - summer of 2005

Uno was the soul puppy of her litter; hence the name, Uno. She matured very quickly and loved playing tuggy with a rope and would carry her "prized" Wiggley Jiggley ball everywhere. Uno was a small dog weighing in at an average weight of only 5o pds. She was a super fast learner and felt iit was her job to stay with her person, no matter where they went. This was a wonderful asset when we started learning the game of agility. She took to it like it was water. What a run we had!

When home on the farm, Uno enjoyed long swims in the dog pond where she would paddle around for hours watching dragonflies. When asked about going for a ride, she was ready for either the truck, car or the farm Prowler. Gosh the Prowler was a huge source of entertainment (for us humans) because in doggie language, it that meant we were going "Deer Hunting". God forbid if we saw one! The Labrador pack would howl like a pack of Coyotes with Uno's high pitched squeal of excitement leading it!

Uno produced 3 litters for us. One of these litters was a single birth, just like hers. From her last litter (2009), we kept a yellow daughter, Island Dos. Dos is carrying on for her mother and reminds us everyday of just how special this side of the family is.

Uno's Limited Show Record:
Aug. 2006 - almost one year from her first agility lesson, she garnered both her AKC Novice Agility Titles in 20' division and one High Point Labrador Retriever Award (Standard Division) at: The Greater Boston Labrador Retriever Club trial! 2007 - Uno earned her AKC Open JWW Title and is one "Q" away from her Open Standard. She received another, High Point Labrador Retriever Award (Jumper With Weaves Division) at: The Greater Boston Labrador Retriever Club trial, for the second year in a row! Way to go Uno!

Trialing for the 2008 agility season was very light. High gas prices & large traveling distances were the main reasons. 2009 was another light year as Uno had a litter of pups in March.  In the fall of 2009 Uno tried a few CPE Agility Trials. We both had a fun time, met a lot of new friends/dogs and earned a lot of "Q's".  Uno even won a CPE title!

On April 23, 2011 at the BOTC Agility trial, Uno, at 8 yrs of age, finished her AKC Open Agility Title! Her latest feat was earning her AKC CGC Title. She accomplished this at the place of her training, Waggles LLC in Dec. 2012.

Sadly on Dec. 31, 2013 I had to say farewell to my wonderful Uno. She fought so hard and didn't want to leave but; God had decided to called her home.
There was nothing I could do except honor His wishes and say good bye.

Dog of my heart, Rest In Peace.
I know you crossed the Rainbow Bridge like is was the Dog Walk!

Mother Oats awaits you! And I, good Friend, will see again, one day.



Uno and all her loot and ribbons she accumulated while earning her AKC Novice Agility titles.

Uno's 2007 High Point JWW's Award from the Greater Boston Lab. Retreiver Club

"Ready to Hunt"

Island Harley - CGC 
(CH Mistyfield March To The Beat x S.C.Back Porch Oatmeal)
Whelped: March 22, 2004 - Yellow
OFA Clearances on file - Eyes cleared Annually

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Harley is a daughter of Oats. She is the "Hunter" of the group and is all water dog! Mousing, birding and swimming are her first loves in life. She hunts with purpose and never fails to find 'something'. Ask her if she'd like to go swimming, and her eyes light up and her hackles get stiff! She just LOVES to swim! Harley's hips are certified "Good", and her eyes are checked annually. To date, Harley has had 4 healthy litters. Her last litter was whelped on Jan. 1, 2011. We are retiring her from the whelping box. Her daughter, Island Breeze and Grandaughter, Island Duchess II will carry on for her in this dept. During late Dec. 2012, Harley earned her AKC CGC Title! (CGC means: Canine Good Citizen)


"Cute in my clothes, aren't I?"


Island Breeze
(Will To Please Of Tintagel Winds x Island Harley)
Whelped: Dec.7, 2006

Eyes Certified "B" - Cleared Annually
Hips & Elbows - OFA "GOOD"

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Brie is a smart, quiet dog and a daughter of Island Harley - making her a granddaughter to our dearly departed, Oats. Brie is a sight to behold! She is not only a quick learner with a laid back disposition, she's an excellent retriever, enjoys long swims in the dog pond and adores a Saturday morning truck ride to the local store! Brie has a pretty head, nice length of neck, correct shoulders, short back and a tail that won't stop wagging! She has matured into a beautiful, very stout dog and weighs in at 60-65 lbs. She is what we were hoping to breed when we first started. She is the watch dog of the group and will alert us to anything that isn't right.

Brie produced 3 litters for us. She has been retired from the whelping box. Her mother duties have been passed on to her daughter, Island Duchess.
She does enjoy watching and playing with any of the puppies that are born here - as long as they don't take her Frisbee!


Island Dos - CGC 
(CH Mistyfield March To The Beat x Island Uno)
Whelped: March 16, 2009 - Yellow

Eyes Certified "A"- OFA Hips:Good
OFA Elbows:Left normal/Right abnormal

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Dos is a daughter of our agility Champion, Island Uno. Dos's sire, was an AKC Champion who also had a Rally Obedience Title. One of the key factors in keeping Dos was the age of her sire and grandmother (Oats). We love our "Drummer & Oat" girls and wanted one more! Dos is a tad bigger than our other yellow girls but is extremely agile. She is a great fetcher and toy 'thief' - which we believe she has learned from her 1/2 sister Harley. Dos loves to swim, go for hunting runs in the fields, adores a truck or Prowler ride and will find an apple or pear that falls from the tree, no matter where it lands. She LOVES her fruit!

In 2011, Dos went to school for agility. She did great and was a fast learner. Early in 2013, she earned her first AKC
Title: Canine Good Citizen (CGC)! Today, she continues to play agility at home and boss the other dogs around!

Dos has finally cycled!!  It was a split cycle......... Oh wow is all I can say!! She has been bred to: Belquest Doing It For The Ladies (aka Dew) This is the 3rd time we've crossed these two Labradors. The first two times produced excellent pups so, this time should be no different!! Our Island Jada is a full sister to these puppies.

Dos has whelped her litter sired by "Dew"!!
 Early on the morning of August 14, 2017 Dos brought forth 6 healthy yellow puppies!! 2 girls and 4 boys. These extremely nice puppies are all spoken for  and will be heading off to their new homes on the weekend of Oct. 7, 2017.
Thank-you to all our clients and the many "Return Customers" who had asked for this litter to be produced.
This litter is 3rd generation from our original Labrador Retriever, Oats.

This is Dos's last litter. She is officially, "Retired" from the whelping box!!
Her last days will then be spent lounging around the farm and bossing all the other dogs around! (She's good at that!)


Belquest Doing It For The Ladies (aka Dew)



Island Duchess II
(CH Lobuff Hollyridge Osprey x Island Breeze)
Whelped: August 8, 2011 - Black
Eyes Certified:"A"
OFA Hips/Elbows-GOOD

EIC Carrier


Duchess is the culmination of all our original dogs rolled into one. She is a daughter of Island Breeze, making her a granddaughter of Island Harley and a great granddaughter, to our original yellow female, Oats. She also has ties to Island Uno & Island Dos. Her sire is the well known and very good looking, CH Lobuff Hollyridge Osprey. Needless to say, Duchess has some BIG paws to fill!

Duchess is a stout, medium sized dog. She has excellent bone, a ton of coat, a pretty head, nice deep chest and a Lap-a-dor personality. This compact dog is extremely athletic and loves to give Island Dos, Jada and her daughter Shelby, a run for the money!  She loves swimming, truck and/or Prowler rides and her secret love is quiet time on the deck with lots of hugs. Oh, she also loves the camera!  She's such a diva!

Duchess produced a  very fancy litter on Aug. 28, 2016 by the handsome, English-bred black male, I Will To Please Of Tintagel Winds
- aka - Forrest. This litter was so nice, that Duch will be bred back Forrest for a mid to late summer litter.

has had her puppies!!! She whelped 6 healthy black & yellow puppies on Nov. 2, 2017. 5 boys & 1 girl. Proud father is our home grown Island Ace Of Spades  a full sibling and littermate to our Island Jada. Currently, 1 of these male pups are available. If you have interest, call or email ASAP! He won't last long!! These pups will be going home the 1st part of Jan. 2018.



Island Jada
(Belquest Doing It For The Ladies x Island Dos)
Whelped: April 7, 2013 - Yellow
Genetically Clear for PRA
EIC Clear
OFA Hips & Elbows-GOOD




Jada is a daughter of Island Dos and a great, granddaughter of our first beloved Labrador, Oats. She is also granddaughter to Island Uno who we lost at the end of 2013. She is quick, extremely agile and a fast learner. We are hoping she will love to play agility like her grandmother Uno.

Jada has grown into a beauty and has gotten to a point where she loves to learn new things and stays focused. We have been attending a few beginner Obedience and Rally classes and she shows great promise. We will continue her training and hope to get her CGC Title in the near future.

I LOVE this girl and all the weird things she does! Life without Jada, would be boring!

 Jada produced her first litter of puppies on Sept. 2016. The proud sire was, Hollyridge Out Of The Blue (aka-Miles). A Big Thank-you to Hollyridge Labradors for helping us make this happen!! Jada had 6 healthy bundles of joy: 3 blacks & 3 yellows. These puppies were so nice, that we kept one for ourselves!! We have no plans of breeding Jada for a spring 2017 litter. If we have enough interest, we may breed her for a late summer/early fall litter.................


Island Shelby

(Belquest It's All Or Nothin x Island Duchess II)
Whelped: June 3, 2014 - Black
Genetically Clear for PRA

EIC Clear


What can I say about this little spitfire of a dog?!! Well, I can say, she is my husband's pick so, if she does something wrong, I can blame him! Shelby is a daughter of our Island Duchess and one of the very first puppies by her sire, Belquest It's All Or Nothin  (aka Hoss). We kept Shelby because her sire line goes back to some of our original dogs. These lines, go back to our deceased Island Uno.

Shelby is proving to be an extreme athlete. She is quiet, a tad shy, yet has a quick witted personality and learns new things quickly. We are hoping she will make a future dock diver as she adores the water! Bring out the water hose and she's there! At the tender age of 3 months she would "attack" the water hose and continues to worry the heck out of it today!

Shelby is the official "babysitter" to any litter that is born. She LOVES the babies and will sit, watch and guard them when their mother goes outside. When the time comes, we feel she will be an excellent mother.

Shelby produced her first litter of pups on March 28, 2017! Proud sire was the English-bred male, I Will To Please Of Tintagel Winds - aka - Forrest. (This litter was a cross back into what produced Shelby's Grandmother, Island Breeze) And WHAT a litter it was!! Shelby produced 5 girls and 1 boy - all black!!!! This super typey, smart litter have all gone on to their new homes where they are bringing joy to their new families. 

Plans are in the works to breed Shelby again in the spring of 2018.

Shelby & her March 2017 puppies by Forrest



Island Samantha
(Hollyridge Out Of The Blue x Island Jada)
Whelped: Sept. 16, 2016 - Black
Genetically Clear for PRA & EIC

Sammi is from Island Jada's first litter! What a litter it was!! We were hoping to keep a black male as a future stud prospect but, alas, Jada/Miles had other plans and we ended  up with a black girl who is turbo charged but, WICKED smart! Future agility dog?? Possibly as Island Uno is her great grandmother!
Sammi is extremely intelligent, has excellent bone, a wonderful full coat, cute head, nice way of moving, super hip and correct tailset. She is a credit to both her parents. We look forward to taking this girl to some spring dog classes to see where she prefers to go. We are hoping for agility but, one never knows!!
Stay tuned and watch this pretty girl grow!!

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