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Our Mares

"Truwest Powder's Sugar"
(H-Saracen x Flee Powderwing)
1993 Liver Chestnut Mare- DNA on file - 15 hds


Sugar is a grandaughter of Chingadero, through her sire H-Saracen. She is all her pedigree says she should be. This big bodied mare is typey, has a huge shoulder, chest & hip and the sweetest disposition you could ask for. Her pedigree is a Cadillac of old blood that almost always goes back to Justin Morgan through his son Sherman Morgan.

H-Saracen, her sire, was the last breeding son of the well known Cross Ranch bred stallion, Chingadero (Ketchum x Haager). Ching, produced a lot of controversy in the Morgan breed due to his coloring (Perlino) but, it's his pedigree that's the icing on the cake. Tons of well thought out genetics come down through both his sire and dam. H-Saracen's dam, Teal Eye (Warhawk x Secora) is a full sibling to Muchacha, the dam of out foundation stallion, H-Ken.

Flee Powderwing, Sugar's dam, was a wonderful mare who was a granddaughter of Warhawk and Fleetfield (full brother to the Gov't-bred Trophy) with unbelievable crosses back to Jubilee King, Linspar, Chief Bugler, Gizea, Florette, Allen King, Revere, Imperial, Daisette, etc. All these great horses go directly back to Justin Morgan. 
Sugar will be bred for her last foal in 2016. We pray she produces a nice filly. If so, this filly will be crossed back to our deceased stallion, H-Ken.


                                                                                          Sc Island Iris

"Sc Island Cha-Cha"
(H-Ken x Addison Bay)
1992 Liver Chestnut Mare -DNA on file -15 hds.



is a former In Hand Halter Champion and was our go to, demo horse. She is a daughter of our late foundation stallion H-Ken (Kenfield X Addison Bay) and a granddaughter of our very first Morgan, Acrosonic (Tutor x Sabra). She possesses excellent breed type, strong flat bone, size, excellent shoulders, strong hindquarters and a clownish attitude.  She is my herd favorite and my best friend!

Cha-Cha's sire, H-Ken, was a double grandson of Fleetfield (full brother to the Gov't-bred Trophy) through his sire with numerous crosses back to Jubilee De Jarnette, The Admiral, Revere, Alibirdie, Headlight Morgan and Ethan Allen. From his dam's side he brought in some of the earliest Cross Ranch breeding, which was early Brunk at it's best.

Cha-Cha's dam, Addison Bay, was a big bodied bay mare who was a good producer for us. She was a granddaughter of Tutor (Mentor x Kona) with many crosses to some good Eastern bred Morgans such as Woodland Chief, Betty Ross, Ishtar, Gertie G., etc.

Cha-Cha not only claimed many Show titles through out her lifetime, she was a crowd favorite at many of the breed demos she participated in. She loved the crowds and hoop-la but, her reigning glory has been her production record as a broodmare. Cha-Cha has produced 10 healthy foals through out her lifetime. Her last, a 2015, flaxen liver chestnut, filly, carrying the very rare splash gene is her biggest glory. Cha-Cha, saved the best for her last. Sc Island The Last

Dance (Dani) will carry on, where her dam has left off.

As of 2016, my life long friend and partner, has retired from the breeding shed.
Cha-Cha will enjoy her last years here on farm as the Regal Queen she is.


 'Sc Island The Last Dance'
(Old Ways Bimbeau x Sc Island Cha-Cha)
Foaled: July 18, 2015-Chestnut-Splashed White-Filly

No Modern Day Outcrosses


Dani is just what I ordered when I finally got the chance to breed my old Cha-Cha to Old Ways Bimbeau! This pretty girl has an easy going, sweet disposition - just like her Mama, Cha-Cha. I have great plans for this filly! She was carefully planned and will be a replacement for her aging dam.

Dani is a dark liver chestnut with a flaxen/red mane and tail, correct conformation, super mover and a quick, astute learner. She is 100% Foundation (No Modern Day Outcrosses) and one of the few Morgans to carry the Rare Splash gene. We look forward to a long and healthy future with this girl.
 Someday, just like her dam, she will produce the next generation here at the farm.

Dani will be the last naturally born foal to her dam, Sc Island Cha-Cha and her sire, Old Ways Bimbeau. Beau was sadly lost to the Morgan world just before Dani's birth.

I would like to personally "Thank" all those who made Old Ways Bimbeau available (at stud) to the general public in what tragically, turned out to be his last year of life. Without Beau, my beautiful Dani would not be gracing my barn or the wonderful Home State (Vermont) of the Morgan Horse. 

Thank-you to ALL!

"A-One Ellie Mae Correll"

(BDM Ellis Doll's Dandy x Duplicate Fieldqueen)
2000 Chestnut mare - DNA on file - 14.2 hds



Ellie, is a friendly mare with a wonderful old pedigree. She is one of the first to greet you at the gate and is constantly demanding 'people' attention. She is Queen of the pasture and keeps all the mares in line. Ellie is built to last a lifetime and has a draw dropping head, large expressive eyes, nice length of neck, a huge shoulder, short back, strong hip, legs of steel and hooves of iron! Basically, this classy girl SCREAMS Morgan type like it use to be!

Ellie produced her first foal in April 7, 2013 to our now deceased senior stallion, Rimlo Black Pepper. The blending of such old blood produced an exceptional individual. Sc Island Habanero is our first Reining Derby entry! This year, 2016, we are stepping back into the game and breeding Ellie to produce what we hope will be future reiners. We are hopeful, that they will go to the places she has missed. 
Ellie is one of the few daughters of Duplicate Fieldqueen. Fieldqueen hails from Alberta, Canada where some of the hardest working ranch-bred Morgans resided. There, they realized the worth of a good minded Morgan who could work all day driving cattle and get ranch work done. These were not pampered Morgans but tough, gentle souls that had to prove themselves. Today, due to the human aging process, Duplicate Morgans is no more but, some of the Morgans they produced can still be found. Many, are aged.

Red Correll, Rosefield, Detta, King O Hara, Julee Star, Princess Holly, Shawalla Bay Lady, Mortana Jason, Correll Willowfield,
Ellis Dainty Doll, Rockfield, Keer's Chief Oak, Mortana Retta, Dancer's Pride, etc.
Ellie will be bred in 2016


"Jada Black Sabbath"

(Black Panther x Mrs O)
1994 Black Mare - DNA on file - 15.1 hds.



Zadie joined our herd in August of 2009. I've wanted this mare since she was a yearling but, she slipped through my fingertips. Now, she is here at the farm with  future plans of adding more Cross Ranch blood, through Chingadero and the great Warhawk. This year, 2016, we have plans of breeding her to a son of the late H-Saracen (Chingadero x Teal Eye). This type of breeding will produce a foal with a huge concentration of old Brunk/Cross Ranch blood. He/she, should be a stunner and an excellent ranch-type prospect.

Zadie is a big, coal black mare with a nice personality. She has excellent bone, correct legs and hooves, a slightly long back (due to her older Gov't blood), a nice strong hip, free shoulder, length of neck and a pretty but, plain head. We can't wait to see what this girl will produce when returned to the old blood that she came from!
Check this girl's pedigree out! You will be amazed at the old line breeding to Warhawk and numerous other great old Brunk-bred horses. The Crosses knew their horses, and this type of lining breeding is an excellent example.




"Blue Diamond Robin"
(Speedramp Walker x Lea Correll)
1995 Palomino Mare - DNA on file - 15 hds.



Robin is a nice sized mare with a sweet disposition. She is very respectful of anyone who handles her but, sticks up for herself in the mare pasture! Her pedigree reads like a who's who of times gone by and, she is a half sister to our former Palomino stallion, Speedking; with whom she shares the same sire line. She is one of Speedramp Walkers last foals prior to his death. Her dam line carries such greats as, Red Correll, Fleetfield, Swanton, Felicity, Watch Charm etc. She is a little bit of everything we like in a Morgan!

This quality mare is easy on the eyes! Her head is exquisite, length of neck to die for, a nice sloping shoulder, strong straight legs & hooves and a nice strong hip. Her shimmering golden color is just the icing on the cake.  Robin produced a very pretty Buckskin colt on June 16, 2012 - Sc Island Navy. Robin was then bred to Richwood Brave's Image in the spring of 2013 and produced a beautiful chestnut filly - Sc Island Ivy.

Plans are in the works for a 2018 foal!

"Canabar High Gloss"
(Marvelous Intrique x Drumlin Irish Miss))
1998 Bay, Splash Mare- DNA on file - 14.3 hds

(Deceased Aug.12, 2016)


'Satin' arrived here at our farm late in May of 2015. We weren't really looking to purchase another mare but when the chance presented itself to own a splash carrying mare who carried some of our favorite old lines, well, the rest is history! Satin is a quiet, easy going mare who easy to get along with. She greets you in the pasture and hangs out with my favorite old mare, Cha-Cha. I think it's funny as Cha-Cha and Satin are closely related thru Satin's dam line.

Satin is about 95% foundation. Her sire, and the source of her rare splash gene, carries a lot of old Lippitt blood. Her dam line, which I just LOVE (!!)
is a mixture of very old Gov't - thru the Fleetfield son, Speedfield and the well known ranch lines of Red Correll. Satin is the result of a wonderful blend of old Morgan blood.

Satin has been bred for a July 2016 foal! Proud sire is Sc Island Navy, who is proudly owned by Kat Waters. Navy is a buckskin son of our palomino mare, Blue Diamond Robin.

Satin foaled on July 17, 2016! She gave us a very fancy buckskin filly that appears to have inherited her splash gene!!
We are keeping this pretty girl and calling her:
Sc Island Trials & Tribulations (Tilly for short!)



"Great Patsy Pine"
(Great Red Pine x Miss Elites Tango))
2000 Bay Quarter Horse Mare - 14.3 hds



Patsy has been with us since Nov. 2008. She has produced a few very nice Dun colts for us with her latest being this year, on July 3, 2016. Patsy is a one of the sweetest mares I have ever met. Very polite and always aware of her position when in the company of people. She is a great broodmare and an excellent mother. We are just now weaning her 2016 Red Dun colt and offering him for sale. Would have kept him if the plumbing was different!! Patsy will be rebred in the early part of 2017.
Patsy is an own daughter of the well known stallion, Great Red Pine and her dam (Miss Elites Tango) is a granddaughter of the famous Colonel Freckles. This mare's pedigree and talent are very old and becoming hard to find. Wish we had bred her more as the first foal she produced for us in down in Florida where he was trained for reining. He now rides without a bridle and has produced a few foals. His full brother is Patsy's 2016 colt Patriot. We look forward to more foals from this girl.

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