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'Legend Of Hollywood'

(Heza Hollywood Legend x Lenas Snow Chex)
Foaled: May 1, 2016-Chestnut Tobiano-American Paint Horse-Colt

Homozygous for Tobiano-5 Panel Negative


"Joey" was purchased in utero as a future reiner. Yes, we raise Morgans but I just LOVE any good horse that is correct and has the ability to rein. Joey's sire was born here in Vermont and has had a nice run in the both the NRHA & APHA Reining Pen with numerous wins. His dam although never shown, is an excellent, correct broodmare who's offspring have and are making it to the show pen. We believe Joey will follow in his parent footsteps.
Joey is extremely correct with excellent bone, correct nice sized hooves, short back, super shoulder & hip with a nice lengthy neck, beautiful head and a super nice eye. His pedigree is very nice and, he's very quiet with a pleasant personality. He has tested Homozygous for the Tobiano gene and is 5-panel Negative so, his future as a possible breeding stallion is bright!! We have great hopes for this young stallion!



'Island Patriot'
(Brennas Lil Jack x Great Patsy Pine)
Foaled: July 3, 2016-Red Dun-Quarter Horse-Colt


Patriot was bred to be a reiner and/or cutting prospect. His sire did well in reining and won a fair amount of NRHA money in the short time he was shown. His dam, was never shown, thru no fault of her own, and is currently just a broodmare here on our farm. Patriot is the 2nd foal from this cross. His full brother has excelled in reining training and is producing some very nice foals for his owner. We see no reason why Patrick won't do the same.
Patricks pedigree is loaded great oldies from the past and a wealth of genetics that are becoming rare, this close up in a pedigree. Patrick is correct, super nice legs & hooves, stunning head, excellent length of neck, short backed and a super strong hip. He is already sliding and spinning and shows great control. We are pretty sure he will make a nice reiner or, if so inclined, a super pleasure prospect. His color in just stunning. He appeared 'pink' in his first month. Currently, he is a nice appealing red with nice, loud Dun markings.
Patriot is offered FOR SALE as we already have a young, reining stallion prospect in the barn. If his plumbing were different (which we hoped it would have been) she would have stayed!

Asking $2,000




'Sc Island Tilly'

(Sc Island Navy x Canabar High Gloss)
Foaled: July 17, 2016-Buckskin-Splash (E/E,A/a, N/NSW)-Filly


This is a foal we longed to see! We bred her sire, Sc Island Navy, and purchased her mom with hopes of reproducing the splash gene that her dam carried. Her dam had issues during the last part of her pregnancy but we were able to keep her going until she delivered her foal. Unfortunately, we had to say good bye when Tilly was barely 1 month old. It was a rough 1st week but, Tilly is thriving and growing well. We don't think she will be a big mare but, who cares! She is sharp, very typey, pretty, my favorite color (buckskin) and we believe she inherited the splash gene from her mom. Testing in the near future will confirm.
Tally's pedigree is very interesting and carries some very old blood. Her dam's side is what we originally started with and her sire, well, we just loved him! Navy is out doing things with his new owners so, who could ask for more! We hope to get this little girl out in the show pen in 2017. 


 'Sc Island The Last Dance'
(Old Ways Bimbeau x Sc Island Cha-Cha)
Foaled: July 18, 2015-Chestnut-Splashed White-Filly

No Modern Day Outcrosses


Dani, is just what I ordered when I finally got the chance to breed my old Cha-Cha to Old Ways Bimbeau! This pretty girl has an easy going, sweet disposition - just like her Mama, Cha-Cha. I have great plans for this filly! She was carefully planned and will be a replacement for her aging dam.

Dani is a dark liver chestnut with a flaxen/red mane and tail, correct conformation, super mover and a quick, astute learner. She is 100% Foundation (No Modern Day Outcrosses) and one of the few Morgans to carry the Rare Splash gene. We look forward to a long and healthy future with this girl.
 Someday, just like her dam, she will produce the next generation here at the farm.

Dani will be the last naturally born foal to her dam, Sc Island Cha-Cha and her sire, Old Ways Bimbeau. Beau was sadly lost to the Morgan world just before Dani's birth.

I would like to personally "Thank" all those who made Old Ways Bimbeau available (at stud) to the general public in what tragically, turned out to be his last year of life. Without Beau, my beautiful Dani would not be gracing my barn or the wonderful Home State (Vermont) of the Morgan Horse. 

Thank-you to ALL!


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