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'Sc Island Habanero'
(Rimlo Black Pepper x A-One Ellie Mae Correll)
Foaled: April 7, 2013 - Chestnut Sabino Gelding
No Modern Day Outcrosses


 Ben, as we call this red hot chestnut gelding was a shocker when he was born. His sire did throw an odd looking snip and a white coronet every now and then but never, have we seen this much white! This gelding is a first for his dam who hails from a long line of 'no white' producing ranch horses so, who knows where all these markings came from?! Long of the short, who cares? Ben is just as beautiful in person, as he is in his photos. He has nice conformation, a strong & bold work ethic and is extremely talented. His wonderful trainer Ron, not only got him trained, he got him broke and I mean, BROKE! Ben is either right there to greet you at the gate or, he’s on his way! His disposition is all old style Morgan. We really can't say anything bad about him although, he does like to ‘taste’ strangers! Check out his parents pedigrees and see how Royally bred he is. The amount of old, pure blood that Ben carries, is hard to find in a horse his age.

Ben’s training as a Reiner, is finally done. He is now a finished Reiner with NRHA earnings! Ben has been shown at NRHA events and has done very well for a Green horse. He has the ability for green horse/rider, Rookie, Non-Pro and even as an Open horse. He is that talented & well trained. Ben will also trail ride, carry flags, pony other horses, has moved cattle/calves & even given a few rare lessons. His trainer & him formed a special bond that brought out Ben’s work ethics, abilities and fortunately, Ron was able to work with his quirky little attitude & made him into what he is today. (This rare little attitude, just makes Ben, Ben!)

Serious inquiries are invited.

(Kenfield x Muchacha)
May 31, 1969 - Deceased July 15, 1999
Chestnut - Stallion- DNA on file - 15 hds.


(Standing at stud by frozen semen - $300 per straw)


click above for larger image

H-Ken was our foundation sire. We were blessed with his presence for 10 wonderful years. He was a versatile stallion who was very striking in appearance due to his look-a-like Jubilee king profile. He was always a hit at breed demonstrations, the show ring or just riding down the road or trail on a leisurely outing. At the tender age of 25 yrs. Ken helped us win a Bronze medal from AMHA for breed promotion. That same year at the Vermont Junior Amatuer Morgan Horse Show held in Tunbridge, VT, Ken was not only Champion Stallion in Halter & second in Fitting & Showmanship, he won the Reserve Halter Championship! He was a true ambassador for the Morgan breed. We have retained a few of his daughters who we use in our breeding program. Ken's grand-get from his daughters are just unbelievable! They are positive proof that he was a "broodmare" sire adn more breeders should take notice of the mare line and not just the sires. Watch for his grand-get in the show ring and sporthorse competions.

(Mentor x Norma)
(Delbert x Chiretta)
Lora Lie
(Mentor x Norma)
(Watch Charm x Herrietta)
(Go Hawk x Florette)
(Penrod x Daisette)
(Jubilee King x Gizea
(Imperial x Miss Helm)

'Rimlo Black Pepper'
(Sept. 10, 1983 - Nov. 11, 2013)
True Black-Stallion-DNA On File-14.3 hds

Frozen Semen Available
Rare Old Foundation Lines

Pepper at 27 & 28 yrs - click above for larger image

Pepper was leased for 1 year and then purchased at 13 yrs. of age. He carried our breeding program forward after the loss of our stallion H-Ken. He stood a solid 14.3 hds and is the epitome of true Morgan type. He was always a gentleman in every sense and a doll to handle. Pepper produced many Champions in carriage, halter, western pleasure, huntseat and leadline classes.

Pepper was a VERY rare find. His pedigree carried some hard to find genetics with NO MODERN DAY OUTCROSSES. This wonderful stallion was a great grandson of Senator Graham, Major Cotton, Black Jig, Flyette, Tehachapi Queen, Mary Kay and Jubilee's-Heyboy. He had a cross back to the old Cross Ranch breeding through Lizza, a black daughter of Warhawk (Flyhawk x Sentola) out of the good mare Yellow Girl (Glider x Buck). Warhawk's dam, Sentola, is a full sister to Jubilee King and Yellow Girl's sire, Glider, was sired by Jubliee King and out of Gizea a Grandaughter to Knox Morgan. Pepper had direct ties to the orignal Brunk farm through such stallions as: Jubilee King, Warhawk, Senator Graham & Major Cotton. Major Cotton was sired by the Jubilee King grandson, Cotton Hill's Choice who's sire was the great Juban (by Jubilee King). The dam of Cotton Hill's Choice was Junita; an own daughter of Jubilee King and out of Gildia, a granddaughter of Knox Morgan and Ben Franklin, a son of Daniel Lambert.

This is just a small touch of what Pepper's worth as a breeding stallion was. His offspring are wonderful and we have proven, frozen semen on hand. If you want to return to the  origin of the Morgan Breed, Pepper would a GREAT choice! This rare gem may be gone, but due to modern day technology he can still sire quality foals.

Rest in Peace my old friend. May God watch over your spirited soul.

Pepper at 28 yrs old -He CAN TROT!


Rimlo Black Talent
Rimlo Knight Hawk
(Black Jig x Hillview Jubilee)
Mary Kay 
(Cinnamon King x Kay-K)
Rimlo Black Suzette
Black Jig 
(Flyhawk x Blue Roan Mare)
Hillview Susanne
(Fudge Royal x Lizza)
Robbins Cotton Queen
Senator Graham
(Senator Knox x Fanita)
(Flyhawk x Juliette)
Nancy Cotton
Major Cotton
(Cotton Hill's Choice x Missouri's Jubilee)
Tehachapi Queen
(Tehachapi Rock x Flashena)


Sc Island Black Gold
(Dam: H-Northwest Gold) 

Sc Island Diablo
(Dam: H-Northwest Gold)

Sc Island Praline
(Dam: Coal Creek Licorice)

Sc Island Sneakers
(Dam: Oak Acres Kellee Ann)

Sc Island Sunrise
(Dam: H-Northwest Gold)

Sc Island Willie
(Dam: Sc Island Cha-Cha)

Sc Island Justin
(Dam: Gremarbin Arabesque)

 Sc Island Ci-Ci
(Dam: Sc Island Cha-Cha)


Stallions of which we own frozen semen from
(Not available to the public)

Sc Island Senator (Senator Goldfire x Caduceus Margaux) Pedigree

Richwood Braves Image (Richwood Bravado x Richwood Irish Rose) Pedigree

(Kenfield x Muchacha) Pedigee above

Rimlo Black Pepper
(Rimlo Black Talent x Robbins Cotton Queen) Pedigree above

RKT Nordic Butterfly
(Mississippi Jake x Ebony Fire TBM)

Sc Island Goldfire
(Senator Goldfire x Oak Acres Kellee Ann) Pedigree

Sc Island Etched N'Gold
(Rimlo Black Pepper x H-Northwest Gold) Pedigree

Sereno Vermont Jazz
(Jubilee Jazz x Sierra Sonna Vermont) Pedigree

World's Edge Goldoak
( Californio x Ponderosa'a Miss Quiz) Pedigree

(Speedramp Walker x Julie Bird) Pedigree

ABCM Liz's Dreamwalker
(Sun Hills Montana x Meziadan Mezalee) Pedigree

Robbie Sue's Sweet Success (Equinox Beaubrook x Robbi-Sue Misalert) Pedigree



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