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Stallion Semen Freezing Services

Mobil semen freezing services are now available to anyone and any breed of 
horse. We will travel to you (anywhere in the USA or Canada), or bring your stallion to us! Reasonable rates, storage, and shipping can be arranged. Frozen semen may be stored for many years if handled properly. By following a few very simple rules, good semen quality can be achieved after thaw.

Semen Freezing Costs:

$375 - processing fee for each semen collection up to 30 straws and - $30 for additional straws up to 30.

$200 - reduced processing fee will be charged for the second collection - (if drawn from the same stallion on the same day) -up to 30 straws and $30 for additional straws up to 30.

$.40/mile- traveling expenses + cost of accommodations if needed. Traveling expenses will be charged if the stallion is unable to be collected.

$60 - nonrefundable straw deposit will be paid upon booking or paid two weeks prior to scheduled freezing date.

Frozen semen Storage Fees:

Semen is stored on a cane in a liquid nitrogen tank. Each cane will hold up to 2 goblets. Each goblet will hold 5 straws, making a total of at least 10 straws per cane.

1 unit
= 1 whole cane (prices reflect 1 cane pricing. NO 1/2 cane breaks)

The fees for storage are therefore based on increments of units per stallion. Volume discounts are available on large quanities and a minimum monthly bill of $20.00 has been set to offset accounting and billing costs.

Monthly charge per stallion

#Units  Monthly Charge 
1-4 $20.00 
5-9 $40.00 
10-14 $60.00

We DO NOT offer insurance on your frozen product! Storage is at semen owners, own risk!
Insurance can be purchased by the semen owner, at his or her own expense.

Tank rental for shipping or distribution of your product is available. Charging and tranfer fees to apply. 

Call or email for contracts and scheduling.



(Kenfield x Muchacha)
1969 Morgan stallion.
Frozen semen offered by:
Morgan Hill Farm

108 Morgan Hill Rd.
North Hero, Vt.



Rimlo Black Pepper 
(Rimlo Black Talent x Robbins Cotton Queen)
1983 Morgan Stallion.
Frozen semen owned by:
Morgan Hill Farm

108 Morgan Hill Rd.
North Hero, VT.

(802) 372-3080


Sc Island Goldfire
(Senator Goldfire x Oak Acres Kellee Ann)
1995 Morgan Stallion.
Frozen semen offered by:
Morgan Hill Farm

108 Morgan Hill Rd.
North Hero, VT.

(802) 372-3080 


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