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Does 2011

Island Panda ISL

(Woody Creek Farm HotWire DKM x Island Snowflake ISL)
Black doe - 1 of 3 kids
Born: April 18, 2011 - Disbudded

(MGR registered)

Panda is a litter sister to Island Blackie. This pretty mocha colored doe with white marking is a sweetheart. She is extremely myotonic and has beautiful short coat with hind leg skirting. Panda has produced some very nice kids. LOVE this daughter of Snowflake!

Kidded – August 3, 2019 – 2 bucklings by GFF Rambo ISL
1 red/White – SOLD & 1 Dark red/Brown
- Available

Island Ora ISL

(Woody Creek Farm HotWire DKM x Full Moon Farm Island Furbie FMF)
Black & White  - doe - 1 of 2 kids
Born: May 19, 2011 - Disbudded

(MGR registered)

Ora is a character! She loves attention and is the overseer of everything that happens in the goat pen. She supervises all the food  that comes into the pen and goodness, you can't change the water in the trough without her help! Ora is a small daughter of Furbie. What she lacks in height, she's packed on in pounds! Ora is an excellent producer!

Kidded - August 8, 2019 – 1 Doeling by GFF Rambo ISL
1Dark red/Brown doeling -


Island Dora ISL
(Woody Creek Farm HotWire DKM x Full Moon Farm Island Furbie FMF)
Red & White  - doe - 1 of 2 kids
Born: May 19, 2011 - Disbudded

(MGR registered)

Dora is litter sister to Island Ora and getting on the 'older' side. Both are being retained. Dora inherited her flashy Red & White color from her father HotWire. This beautiful doe is friendly, very myotonic and has a large build. She has produced numerous healthy litters and we look forward to her 2019 kids!

Kidded – August 5, 2019 – 1 Buckling by GFF Rambo ISL
1 Red/White Buckling – horned – 1 moonspot – Available
(Can package with Dora)

Island Blackie ISL

(Woody Creek Farm HotWire DKM x Island Snowflake ISL)
Black doe - 1 of 3 kids
Born: April 18, 2011 - Disbudded

(MGR registered)

Blackie is a black daughter of the late Snowflake and HotWire. She has inherited her mother’s cashmere winter coat and has 'skirting' in the summer. Blackie is one of our “older” Nanny’s but, we have several of her daughters in our herd. She has kidded numerous times and always has excellent kids.

Kidded - August 6, 2019 – 1 buckling by GFF Rambo ISL

1 White/Crème -Disbudded – lightly Moonspotted Buckling -


Goat Flower Farm Island Lily

(Goat Flower Farm Mr Tumnus x Goat Flower Farm Snap Dragon)
White, Tri-Color - doe - 1 of 2 kids
Born: March 18, 2011 - Disbudded

(IFGA registered)

Lily is another doeling from PA. We love both her parents and when we found out that she and her sister had been born, we grabbed them! Lily is extremely myotonic and alert. She is easy to handle, pretty on the eyes and just a joy to watch in the pen! Lily has produced numerous healthy litters. We have retained two of her daughters.

Bred to Island DJ ISL for Sept 2019



Does 2012

 Island Skylar
(WCF Guilted Gun x Island Bobbi Socks)
Born: 4-3-2012 -Twin-Disbudded-MGR Registered


Skylar is an interestingly marked doe. Sky is a daughter of one of our first Fainting does and a are daughter of our former breeding buck, WCF Gilted Gun. Sky is a medium shorthaired doe with a correct build. Due to our large numbers of goats, she was never bred until 2018. She produced two very lovely does by Island DJ!! She will be bred to Island DJ for June 2020.

Does 2013

Island Abbey ISL

(WCF Hotwire x Island Cleo)
Born: 4-9-2013-Twin-Doe-CROSS BRED-Disbudded-MGR Registered

Abbey is another cross-bred doe and littermate to Island Apple. Both does are from our original bottle baby, Island Cloe. Cloe was a Boer/Sannen cross. Abbey is correct with size, lots of personality and a set of lungs that will make your hair stand on end!! She doesn't faint, due to her being only 1/2 Myotonic but, her kids do! She has successfully raised several litters. We have retained her 2018 daughter, Island Sweet Pea. Due to our cutback, we might let Abbey go to a new home. We will not be sad if she doesn’t! Abbey will be bred for a June 2020 litter.

Island Apple

(WCF Hotwire x Island Cleo)

Born: 4-9-2013-Twin-Doe-CROSS BRED-Disbudded-MGR Registered

Apple is a cross-bred doe and littermate to Island Abbey. Both does are from our original bottle baby, Island Cloe. Cloe was a Boer/Saanen cross. Apple is correct with size & lots of personality. She is the herd leader when it's time to move from pasture to pasture. She doesn't faint, due to her being only 1/2 Myotonic but, her kids do. She has produced several litters of quality kids. We have a few of her daughters so, we could part with Apple, to the right home. If it doesn’t come along, we are happy to keep her! She will be bred for a June 2020 litter.

Island Tami

Island DJ x GFF Island Lily)
Born: 3-24-2013-Twin-Doe-Disbudded-MGR Registered

Tami is one fancy doe! I just LOVE her deep red coloring! She is one of the few, Island DJ daughters that we have. Tami is a keeper. She produced her 1st litter in 2015 and continues to produce show quality kids. She will be bred for June 2020 kids.

(We have a Tami granddaughter, Island Splatter, for sale)


Island Tank ISL

(WCF HotWire x Full Moon Farm Island Fizzle)
Born: 3-28-2013-Twin-Doe-Disbudded-MGR Registered

Tank is a large framed doe who is very pleasing to the eye. We’ve had several of her sisters but, none were as large as her. Tank produced her first litter in 2016 by CHF Island Roy. To date, she’s had 90% Tri-Colored kids! Tank will be bred to Rambo for June 2020.

Does 2014

Island Creme ISL

(WCF Hotwire DKM x FMF Island Fizzle FMF)
Born: 4-28-2014 - Triplet - Disbudded-MGR Registered

Crème is a short compact doe out of one of our original does, Fizzle (now deceased) and sired by our WCF Hotwire (now deceased) who's sire was a National Show Champion.  Crème had her first litter in 2016. We just LOVE this fancy girl with her white/champagne coloring – which is very hard to photograph! Creme has had several litters and will be bred for a June 2020 to our Junior buck, Rambo.

Island Leza ISL

(WCF Hotwire DKM x Hillbilly Fainters Chesney DKM)
Born: 4-14-2014 - Triplet - Disbudded-MGR Registered

Leza is a full sister to our buck Island DJ. We are extremely thankful to have her in our herd. She is a very fancy doe with a nice disposition. She produced her first kids in 2018. We are currently offering her 2018 daughter, Island Junie Moonie for sale. Junie is black with blue eyes & moon spots. Leza had a beautiful fawn colored doe with moon spots in 2019. She will be bred for full siblings that should arrive in June 2020.


DOES 2015

Island Curious Georgia ISL
(WCF Hotwire x GFF Island Lily)
Born: 4-7-2015-Twin-Doe-Disbudded-Frosted ears-MGR Registered

Georgia is one of our last Hotwire daughters out of the good producing GFF Island Lily. She is a stunning medium sized doe who produced her first kids in 2018 by GFF Island Moon ISL. Stunning twin does were produced! Her daughter, Island Vermont Frost was sold to Canada and her sister, Island Vermont Blue Moon, is still with us and For Sale.

Kidded August 12, 2019 – 2 bucks by Island Sully

1 dark red/Brown, frosted ears, loud colorful moonspots, polled (For Sale as Wether ONLY) – 1 tan/white, frosted ears & nose, blue eyes, disbudded, possible moonspots -


Island Mora ISL

(GFG Island Moon x Island Ora)

Born: 4-28-2015-Twin-Doe-Disbudded

A lovely daughter of Island Ora and sired by one of our past, moon spot bucks. Mora is a stout, medium sized girl with excellent bone and a very pretty head. Due to our large herd numbers, she hasn't bred until 2019. We were very pleased with the fancy, blue eyed & moon spotted doeling she had!

Island Butterfly ISL

(CHF Island Roy x Island Snowflake)

Born: 5-24-2015 -Triplet-Doe-Disbudded

One of our rare CHF Island Roy daughters. Butterfly's dam was one of our first Myotonic does. Her Driftwood Farm dam (Snowflake ), had horns and a long cashmere coat. Butterfly inherited her 'skirts' from both her parents. She always appears to have that rumpled look!! Butterfly is the last offspring from her deceased dam. Butterfly produced her 1st litter in 2019.


Island Good Friday ISL
(CHF Island Roy x Island Bop)
Born: 4-3-2015-Single-Doe-Disbudded-MGR REgistered

Friday is the first kid to be born here on the farm by her sire, CHF Island Roy ISL. She was born on Good Friday - hence her name. This super friendly doe has been a "keeper" from the start! Friday has grown into a super lovely doe. I can’t seem to get a good photo of her – she’s always in my face!! She produced her 1st kids in 2019.

Island Molly ISL

CHF Island Roy x Island Apple)
Born: 5-17-2015-Twin-Doe-Polled-Moonspots


Molly is granddaughter to one of the first goats that came to our farm. She is high percentage (75%+) Myotonic doe. Both her dam & littermate are registered with MGR. Molly is on the smaller side but extremely stout and VERY friendly! She's always in your face and begging for a scratch!! Molly kidded for the first time in 2019.


DOES 2016


Island Tiny ISL
(Island DJ x Island Bobbi Socks)
Born: 5-12-2016-Twin-Doe-Disbudded-MGR Registered

Tiny is a daughter of our buck DJ. Her dam was one of our very first Myotonic goats, Island Bobbi Socks. Tiny is Bobbi's last daughter. She loves people as she spent a lot of time in the barn. Tiny is a medium sized doe and very correct and carries some of the last Driftwood Farm lines. She was not bred in 2019 due to the numbers of does that were already bred.



Island Cottontail ISL
(Island Galaxy x Island Ora)
Born: 5-9-2016-Twin-Doe-Blue Eyes-Disbudded-MGR Registered

Cottontail was a keeper from the time she hit the ground. Her dam Ora, is a site to behold and so is Cottontail! Many of our first goats were combined to produce her. She has a wonderful black coat and blue eyes. Through her sire, she could possibly be carrying the Moonspot gene. We won't know until she produces some kids. Cottontail produced her 1st kid in 2019.

Kidded August 14, 2019 – 1 buck by Island DJ
1 black w/white buck, blue eyes & polled
– Available - $400

(Will sell as a Family Package - $500)

Island Apricot ISL
(WCF Hotwire x FMF Island Furbie)

Born: 5-17-2016-Twin-Doe-Disbudded

Apricot is named for her beautiful coloring. She is one of the last daughters from both her parents. Her sire, Hotwire has passed away and her dam, Furbie, who was one of our original does, was laid to rest in Nov. 2018. Apricot's "skirting" came from her dam Furbie. Apricot produced her 1st litter in 2019.

We are cutting way back on our goat herd but, have decided that Apricot and her 2019 daughter Island Peachy, will both be staying here on the farm.

Kidded August 12, 2019 – 1 doe by GFF Rambo

1 doe White w/Crème, moonspot & disbudded –

Island Splatter ISL

(Island Austin x Island Bunny)

Born: 5-8-2016-Twin-Doe-Disbudded

Splatter is a stunning and very compact young doe. She is another one of our young does that combines a lot of our first goats. She is correct with a beautiful black & white coat. This pretty doe is ready to breed for 2020 kids. She wasn’t bred for 2019.


Island Scarlet Red SL
(Island Rocky x Island Scarlet)

Born: 5-22-2016-Twin-Doe-Disbudded

Scarlet is the only daughter we have by her sire, Island Rocky. Rocky was a few spot, Moonspot who we test bred to a few does. His kids were nice and sold right away. Scarlet's litter brother was a loud Moonspotted Tri-color. We kept Scarlet due to her quality and her bloodlines. She could be carrying the Moonspot & blue eyed gene but, we won't know until she produces some kids. She was bred to a moonspotted buck for 2019.

Kidded August 5, 2019 – 2 does by Island Sully

1 Black w/White doe, Blue eyes, graying nose & polled – Available - 1 Red/White doe, blue eyes, disbudded
– SOLD to British Columbia, Canada!

(Scarlet is For Sale after weaning)


DOES 2018

Island Black Opal ISL

(GFF Island Moon ISL x Island Ora ISL)
Born: 6-18-2018–Single-disbudded-MGR Registered


Opal is a very correct black doe with a small white star on her forehead. Her dam is one of the farm favorites and her sire “Moon” a black, moonspot buck with blue flecked eyes. Moon was Exported into Canada in 2018. Opal doesn’t exhibit any of her sire’s color genetics but, that doesn’t mean she didn’t inherit one or both! Breeding her is the only way to tell. This heavy muscled doe is maturing into a fancy,  medium sized doe. There are at least two (2) Champions in her pedigree!

Due to our herd cut-back, Opal is offered for sale. She is ready to be bred for spring 2020 kids.

Asking $400 Show Quality!

Island Junie Moonie ISL

(GFF Island Moon ISL x Island Leza ISL)
Born: 6-23-2018 -Twin-Doe-Disbudded-Black-Moonspots-Blue Eyes

Junie is a super correct young doe who will be ready to breed for spring 2020 kids. Her dam is a full sister to our senior buck, Island DJ. She has several Champions in her pedigree and a LOT of color to boot! She is black with white, Moonspots and sky blue eyes! We should be keeping this pretty sprite but because she is so closely related to her Uncle, she has been put on the sales list.

If you are looking for color, a Champion pedigree and correctness, Junie could be yours! If she doesn’t sell, we won’t cry!

Asking $450 Show quality!

Island Vermont Blue Moon ISL
(GFF Island Moon ISL x Island Curious Georgia ISL)
Born: 6-23-2018 -Twin-Doe-Disbudded-Blk/White-Blue Eyes

Blue is a site to behold! She’s quick as a cat and bright as a ray of sunshine! This fancy blue eyed girl has two Champions in her pedigree and, she’s a granddaughter to our deceased WCF Hotwire DKM. Blue is correct and is maturing into a medium sized doe. She is show quality!!! Ready to breed for spring 2020 kids.

Due to our downsizing, this young doe has become available. And yes, she still has bright blue eyes and, may possibly carry a gene for Moonspots.

For Sale $450

Island Fizzy ISL

(GFF Island Moon ISL x Island Tank ISL)
Born: 6-26-2018 -Twin-Doe-Disbudded-Tri-Color


Fizzy is named after her grandmother, FMF Island Fizzle. We LOVE Fizzy’s color which, comes down through her name sake. This pretty girl will be a large framed and she could possibly carry a Moonspot or Blue eyed gene from her sire. She has 2 Champions in her pedigree! Ready to breed for 2020 kids. Only offered for sale as we are cutting our herd numbers.

For Sale $400

Island Red Moon ISL
(GFF Island Moon ISL x Island Tami ISL)
Born: 6-27-2018 -Twin-Doe-Disbudded-Red-Moonspots


Red is a beauty!! She is super correct with a lot of natural muscling. She has one gray/white Moonspot on the back of her head and, could possibly carry the gene for blue eyes. We are trying to hang onto this young beauty as her dam, is one of the our herd favorites. Red is maturing into a stout medium sized doe and she has 2 Champions in her pedigree.

We could possibly be talked into selling this young doe.


Island Sweet Pea ISL

(GFF Island Moon ISL x Island Abbey ISL)
Born: 6-29-2018 -Twin-Doe-Disbudded-Brown-Blue Eyes


Now, this is a blocky young doe with size! She is 75%+ Myotonic and is the classic example of a good outcross. We are keeping this chunky girl to see what she will produce for offspring. Her brown coloring is stunning and we were shocked when she was born! Her litter sister was white as snow with black rings around her eyes! Sweet Pea has the spookiest colored eyes and she could very well produce Moonspot kids. Time will tell!! Sweet Pea has 2 Champions in her pedigree!

We are having a HUGE herd cutback. Sweet Pea is one of the ones we are trying to hang onto…



Island Tiny Tot ISL
(GFF Island Moon ISL x Island Bunny ISL)
Born: 7-20-2018 -Triplets-Doe-Disbudded-Blk/White-Blue Eyes-Moonspots


Tiny Tot is maturing into a beautiful medium sized doe. She is healthy, correct, extremely bright and is ready to breed for her 1st litter. With her coloring, she will no doubt produce some very colorful kids. Tot has 2 Champions in her pedigree and has the ability to produce show Champions. She is THAT correct & nice.

Due to our huge herd cutback, Tot is being offered for sale. Discounts given if 3 or more are purchased.

Asking $450


Island Blackies Shadow ISL

(GFF Island Moon ISL x Island Blackie ISL)
Born: 7-26-2018 -Twins-Doe-Disbudded-Black-Moonspot

This young black doe is a show stopper!! Coal black with a dark brown Moonspot on her left front leg. The moonspot is very hard to see due to Shadows dark coloring. She could very well produce Moonspot/blue eyes when she’s finally bred. If so, that will be the icing on the cake! Shadow is very stout, correct and has a lot of natural muscling. Shadow has 2 Champions in her pedigree and is one of the few does that we will be trying to hang onto after our herd cutback. She is the ONLY doe from her dam that we have. If the right home comes along, we could possibly be talked out of her.


Island Royal Bee ISL
(Carriage House Farm Island Roy ISL x Island Bop ISL)
Born: 8-28-2018 -Twins-Doe-Disbudded-Black


Miss Bee is a super friendly, happy, easy going doe! She loves people and her quiet way always seems to soothe the other doelings when they get upset. We have crossed Bee’s parents 3 times and the resulting outcome has always been the same – black & white does that are super friendly and calm. Bee’s sire Roy, was exported into Canada in 2018 so, Bee will be the last from that cross. We currently have Bee’s full sister, Good Friday, who had her 1st kids in 2019 – 2 doelings! Bee could possibly produce blue eyes when bred, as her sire threw blue eyes! Bee is a stocky, correct, medium sized doe with nice muscling. She has some great old bloodlines and 1 Champion in her pedigree!

WE are having a HUGE herd cutback but, Bee, will be staying with us! (Sorry!)



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